BFF Dog Training: Building relationships one paw at time

3 days 3 week & 3 months

In the first 3 days,
Your new puppy will be overwhelmed with his brand new surroundings. He will not be comfortable enough to be himself. He may be scared and unsure what is going on.
After 3 weeks,
He is starting to settle in, feeling more comfortable, and realising this could be his forever home. He has worked out his environment and getting to know the routines of the house. He is starting to relax and showing his real personality. He is ready to begin training
After 3 months,
Your dear puppy is now completely comfortable in his home. You have built trust and a true bond with your puppy, which gives him a complete sense of security. He knows the routines and will expect his dinner at his usual time.

All puppies need to go to puppy classes.
It is critical that puppies get to socialise before they are 16 weeks old and again before they are 18 months old.

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