BFF Dog Training: Building relationships one paw at time

The ultimate aim is to no longer having rescue shelters in Australia and we are working towards this by Building relationships one paw at a time.

There exists a pivotal moment in everyone’s life—a moment that becomes the cornerstone of their journey toward discovery and enlightenment. For us, that moment was heralded by the arrival of Buddy, a Harrier with a past as intricate as his howls. We were destined to be his third home; the first was bustling with too many exuberant children, and the second, belonging to an older couple, lacked the liveliness he craved. But fate intervened when Buddy found his place among us—a household with two spirited tweenaged boys eager to learn and engage with our new, enigmatic companion.

Yet, Buddy’s past haunted him, leaving imprints of vocal urgency and occasional aggression in his attempts to communicate. Our story with him unfolded in chapters of joy and heartache. Regrettably, our knowledge of dog training fell short in aiding Buddy to overcome the weight of his memories. Nevertheless, he graced our lives for a ripe 15 years, commanding not just affection but respect from each of us. Respect earned swiftly, as we learned not to trespass boundaries, particularly concerning purloined food and various coveted possessions.

Reflecting on those times with newfound wisdom, I acknowledge we could have crafted a more serene life for Buddy. Our best efforts notwithstanding, the realisation now dawns upon me: there was much more to learn. Then, in the year 2012, Bella entered our world—a regal standard poodle whose arrival demanded I expand my understanding of responsible pet care.

Driven by a quest for knowledge, I sought guidance at the Rockingham Dog Club, embarking on a journey of studying dog training in 2015. Eventually, in 2020, I attained accreditation as an IMDT Dog Trainer, assuming the role of Head Instructor at the Rockingham Dog Club. Additionally, I became a Hoopers instructor and assessor, while also serving as an assessor with Story Dogs—an embodiment of my passion for nurturing the human-canine bond.

As an eternal student, I seize every opportunity to broaden my expertise, attending seminars, workshops, and devouring a multitude of webinars. My most recent venture led me to learn with Steve Mann, achieving certification as an Easy Peasy Puppy Instructor—an endeavour that continues to enrich my understanding of canine behaviour and training techniques.